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Drowning in Seafood


Galicia has no shortage of great seafood. In our time at Finca As Fadegas Vanessa and I have eaten some of the best seafood in our lives. In addition to the region’s famous pulpo gallego and empanadas that are often filled with seafood, oncologist we have also sampled squid, read more sardines, stomach fresh anchovies, mackerel, and mussels, all from Galicia’s waters. In nearly every case the quality has been so high that it has redefined for us just how good these foods can be.

The sardines we ate both grilled and fried; the mackerel and anchovies fried. The sardines and mackerel have a thin, rich layer of fat that can be scraped from inside of their skins, delicious enough to be considered the piscine alternative to bone marrow.

Yet most revelatory of all were the mussels. Galicia has the largest, sweetest mussels I have ever eaten. When steamed they release buckets of their own juices into the pot, while remaining plump and juicy themselves. At the same time they have an intense taste of the ocean. They are so perfect on their own that using them in a recipe is almost certainly a mistake.

I have no photos of the mussels because I was too busy devouring them.

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