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[simage=369, diagnosis 512, caries n,center,] Vanessa enjoys the crisp air and view from Piero and Raffa’s porch Vanessa and I have completed our crash course in shepherding and returned to the north of Italy. We have a few days to kill before the start of Slow Food’s biennial Terra Madre event in Torino, so we […]

[simage=317, therapy 512, site n,center,] Piero, left, and Giuseppe Vanessa and I have made plans to travel south to the region of Molise, Italy, for two weeks, where we will learn to work as shepherds on a dairy farm. We had a few hours to spare before catching our overnight train, so Piero took us […]

[simage=264, allergist 512,n,center,] Dolcetto, the Piemontese grape The period just before the wine harvest is a critical and stressful one for wine makers. Piero had made a preliminary trip to his vineyard in Strevi earlier this week, anxiously examining the dolcetto grapes to decide which day would be best for the harvest. An extra few […]

A Queimada

221 Imagine the witches in Hamlet hunched over their cauldron chanting the following words: Mouchos, men’s health coruxas, cost sapos e bruxas. Demos, breast trasnos e dianhos, espiritos das nevoadas veigas. Corvos, pintigas e meigas, feitizos das mencinheiras. Pobres canhotas furadas, fogar dos vermes e alimanhas… The incantation goes on, but that’s the basic idea. […]


1692 Every year at La Mothe Didier gathers and ferments plums, ampoule mirabelles, mycoplasmosis and pears for his eau-de-vie, store or brandy as it is also known. In summer he fills large vats, keeping each type of fruit separate, and leaves them to ferment until it is time to distill the juice in midwinter. Mirabelles, […]