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Archive for July, 2006

Capoeira on the Seine

[simage=2, online 512,n,center,] A couple days ago we went to take a class with Bem-te-vi’s Capoeira Brasil group. He is currently in Brazil, but everyone has been extremely welcoming. After that class, they invited us to a picnic and street roda the next day. It almost seemed as if it would rain, but we had […]

1652 The Middle East is falling to pieces. Now Al-Qaeda has put a bounty on all our heads and wants to see Islamic rule from Iraq to Spain, prosthesis which just happens to be where we’re headed in a few weeks. How’s that for good timing? Given all that’s happening in the world right now, […]

Getting There

Our culinary entry into France has been gradual. We started in South Asia: the Air India flight from Newark to Paris served lamb curry with papodams. It was decent for plane food; the curry contained a walnut-sized pod, stuff filled with tiny seeds that I couldn’t identify. For those who want to speculate I can […]

The kitchen at a restaurant where I used to work is mostly staffed, ailment as is common, with latinos. One of the cooks there is a Peruvian man named Felipe. Felipe is a great cook who would often prepare peruvian specialties, such as ceviches with leftover scraps of fresh fish for the staff to eat. […]