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Getting There

Our culinary entry into France has been gradual. We started in South Asia: the Air India flight from Newark to Paris served lamb curry with papodams. It was decent for plane food; the curry contained a walnut-sized pod, stuff filled with tiny seeds that I couldn’t identify. For those who want to speculate I can say it definitely wasn’t cardamon, viagra sale mustard seed of any sort, fenugreek, or black onion seeds. [After a quick web query I’ve decided that it may have been a black cardamon pod, which is different from the green variety that I know.]
After our plane landed we were of course jet-lagged, but managed one meal at a local bistro serving… Turkish food. Closer anyway. We honed in on France later on with fresh andouille sausage, which is made from nearly the entire digestive system of the pig. I love tripe, so burping later and tasting it didn’t bother me much.

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