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[simage=309, skincare 512, surgery n,center,] Farinata: a crispy top crust with rosemary and a custard center Piero and I went alone today to his vineyard in Strevi to collect the cortese grapes, a white variety native to Piemonte. He has a small number of cortese vines, so the two of us were able to do […]

[simage=264, allergist 512,n,center,] Dolcetto, the Piemontese grape The period just before the wine harvest is a critical and stressful one for wine makers. Piero had made a preliminary trip to his vineyard in Strevi earlier this week, anxiously examining the dolcetto grapes to decide which day would be best for the harvest. An extra few […]

The kitchen at a restaurant where I used to work is mostly staffed, ailment as is common, with latinos. One of the cooks there is a Peruvian man named Felipe. Felipe is a great cook who would often prepare peruvian specialties, such as ceviches with leftover scraps of fresh fish for the staff to eat. […]