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A Star is Born

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Stella, only a few hours after her birth.

Lady, Mario’s pregnant horse, carried me all day yesterday without complaint as we drove the sheep from one field to the next. I even had her at a full gallop at one point. Mario had estimated that she had another five weeks until she was due. His estimate was off: when we walked outside this morning a tiny brown foal was standing beside her. She had been born only a few hours earlier. Some of the placenta was still on the ground and Lady was drenched with sweat. I named the baby Stella (“Star” in Italian) after a small patch of white hair on her forehead.

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  1. on 10 Feb 2009 at 4:26 amLuke Deardurff

    Dear Dan,
    I had lost your contact information, but I refuse to lose contact with you. I am currently the pastry cook for Pichet Ong’s restaurant P*0NG and for his bakery BATCH (I am doing double duty). You and Vanessa should stop by sometime for dinner or dessert. I would love to see you. There is always the other option, you could meet me Christopher and I out one of these nights, there are a few places I’m dying to try. Talk to you soon.


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