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Vanessa with Fiorio’s Gianduja Gelato: Her Expression Says It All

Today we had a day free to walk around Torino. Four years have passed since the last time I was here and my priorities were set: gelato, gelato, and some more gelato.

Our first stop had to be Fiorio, located at n. 8 Via Pò. Fiorio, founded in 1780, was a political hot-spot in the 19th century, but, more importantly, has arguably the best gelato in the city. Fiorio’s gianduja flavor is the best of all, a mixture of chocolate and hazelnuts (the tonda gentile delle langhe, a highly regarded hazelnut native to Piemonte, is used.) Many people know gianduja by the Ferrero product brand-name “Nutella”, the same way that some people say “Kleenex” for “facial tissue”. Fiorio’s gianduja is dense and silky, so much so that you can almost chew it as it melts in your mouth.

Agrigelateria San Pé’s fior di latte (Flower of Milk) at Divizia

Next we went to Divizia (Via S. Tommaso, 22/B) a restaurant and sales-point featuring products produced by Piemonte’s agritourisms. Divizia sells gelato from the “Agrigelateria” San Pé, a dairy farm located between Torino and Asti that decided to open a gelateria featuring gelato made from their own high-quality raw cow’s milk. The texture of their gelato isn’t nearly as fine as Fiorio’s, but the flavor of their milk is supreme. I recommend choosing flavors from the Agrigelateria San Pé that showcase the milk’s natural taste: fior di latte or crema in particular.

Yes, I am Double-Fisting My Gelato at Grom

For our last stop, we went to Grom, a gelateria chain that also has locations in other northern Italy cities. I had never been to Grom before, but was eager to try their pistachio flavor, made from the famous pistachio nuts of Bronte, Sicily. Grom features a number of flavors made from products that have received the presidia recognition from Slow Food, and the company isn’t shy about advertising that fact: Slow Food’s snail logo is prominently displayed next to each of these flavors. Grom isn’t shy about it’s prices either, which are significantly higher than most gelaterie. It’s gelato is, however, very good, although nothing has yet beat Fiorio’s gianduja for me.

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