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The tartiflette before baking.

Bruno and Rachel, online two of Evelyne and Didier’s good friends, have been staying the week at La Mothe in tents with their two children. Both came to help with the party, and Bruno has spent many days helping with some major house renovations. They are extremely friendly with great senses of humor, the type where even with a significant language barrier communication feels easy. To top it off they drove up with a box of their very own homegrown la ratte potatoes (sometimes called longette, a type of fingerling) from the Haute-Savoie, where they live near the city of Evian, source of the bottled water.

A couple nights after the party, we were treated to a typical dish from the Haute-Savoie called tartiflette featuring those potatoes. Extremely simple to prepare, the potatoes are first cooked until just tender. They are then covered with chunks of reblochon cheese, also from the Haute-Savoie, and baked in the oven until the cheese has melted all over the potatoes. I passed up eating bread and the standard cheese course that night in favor of third helpings of the tartiflette. It is a wonder.

The tartiflette after baking.

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