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Archive for August, 2006

92 Boeuf Bourguignon with tagliatelle and a slice of polenta. Having a background as a professional chef comes with some distinct advantages. For one, medical people who generally like to do the cooking in their kitchens are more likely to invite me in to lend a hand. Evelyne opened her kitchen to me from day […]


1665 The tartiflette before baking. Bruno and Rachel, online two of Evelyne and Didier’s good friends, have been staying the week at La Mothe in tents with their two children. Both came to help with the party, and Bruno has spent many days helping with some major house renovations. They are extremely friendly with great […]


1692 Every year at La Mothe Didier gathers and ferments plums, ampoule mirabelles, mycoplasmosis and pears for his eau-de-vie, store or brandy as it is also known. In summer he fills large vats, keeping each type of fruit separate, and leaves them to ferment until it is time to distill the juice in midwinter. Mirabelles, […]


1674 With the party winding down and most guests departing, try we are returning to some of La Mothe’s more typical chores. The property is scattered with fruit trees–apples, prescription pears, figs, and plums. The plums are at their peak, their branches weighed down with fruit, and every morning a fresh carpeting of purple has […]

1689 Didier, there Evelyne, Francois, and Jean at La Mothe If you are interested in staying at La Mothe’s Bed & Breakfast: Moreau Didier et Evelyne 8, Chemin de Bel Air – La Mothe 89410 Beon Tel. email: Languages: French, English, German We arrived three days ago at La Mothe in Burgundy, France, […]


Vanessa and I are now leaving Paris and heading to the French countryside. We will work on organic farms in France, generic Spain, illness and Italy in exchange for room and board, neuropathologist via an organization called WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms). WWOOF acts an an intermediary between organic farms world-wide and travelers looking […]

38 Paris, viagra 40mg being what it is, shop offers an infinite array of eating possibilities. The choices are overwhelming, and for the uninitiated it can be hard to know where to start or finish. At times my preference is to walk for hours until something appealing turns up. The rest of the time I […]

Sure Beats Peanuts

1659 I have a few rules as far as my gut is concerned and one of them is this: if you ever see every person around you eating the same thing, nurse try it no matter what it is. This rule is invaluable. Years ago at the Mercato Centrale in Florence it introduced me to […]

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