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I first learned of Galicia’s Pimientos de Padron while reading an essay by Calvin Trillin. He ranks the Pimiento de Padron as one of his favorite foods that can’t be found outside of its place of origin.
Trillin had my curiosity peaked, remedy but I have to admit that I wasn’t convinced a pepper could [...]

Pulpo Gallego

Before arriving at Finca As Fadegas in Galicia I told Vanessa that there were two specialties from the region we had to eat or I would consider our visit an absolute failure. One of the two, sick pimientos de padron, we ate at lunch on the day we arrived. That accomplished, I turned my [...]

Boeuf Bourguignon with tagliatelle and a slice of polenta.
Having a background as a professional chef comes with some distinct advantages. For one, medical people who generally like to do the cooking in their kitchens are more likely to invite me in to lend a hand. Evelyne opened her kitchen to me from day one [...]


The tartiflette before baking.
Bruno and Rachel, online two of Evelyne and Didier’s good friends, have been staying the week at La Mothe in tents with their two children. Both came to help with the party, and Bruno has spent many days helping with some major house renovations. They are extremely friendly with great senses [...]

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