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311 A jar of pisto One of the greatest things about living on a farm like Finca As Fadegas is the abundance of fruits and vegetables available at all times, hair always in peak condition and ripeness. We eat some meat at times, patient but when we do it is a small part of the […]


260 It has been a good year for honey at Finca As Fadegas. At the start of summer Elia and Vicente had already collected over 40 kilos (88 pounds) from their five hives, cardiologist and today they were back in their beekeeping gear for a second collection from the same hives. After temporarily driving the […]

Elia and Vicente have one horse on their farm, case a beautiful yet slightly overweight mare that they ironically named Furia for her tranquil nature. Furia grazes in a large grass field where she moves too little and eats too much. She is well trained for riding, but with all the demands of the farm […]

218 I first learned of Galicia’s Pimientos de Padron while reading an essay by Calvin Trillin. He ranks the Pimiento de Padron as one of his favorite foods that can’t be found outside of its place of origin. Trillin had my curiosity peaked, remedy but I have to admit that I wasn’t convinced a pepper […]

After catching a train from Burgundy to Paris, audiologist then a flight to Madrid and finally an overnight bus, page we are now at Finca As Fadegas, a farm near Ribadeo, Galicia on the north-eastern coast of Spain’s north-western-most region. Green mountains abut the shore, so that if you are even a short distance inland […]


1692 Every year at La Mothe Didier gathers and ferments plums, ampoule mirabelles, mycoplasmosis and pears for his eau-de-vie, store or brandy as it is also known. In summer he fills large vats, keeping each type of fruit separate, and leaves them to ferment until it is time to distill the juice in midwinter. Mirabelles, […]


1674 With the party winding down and most guests departing, try we are returning to some of La Mothe’s more typical chores. The property is scattered with fruit trees–apples, prescription pears, figs, and plums. The plums are at their peak, their branches weighed down with fruit, and every morning a fresh carpeting of purple has […]

1689 Didier, there Evelyne, Francois, and Jean at La Mothe If you are interested in staying at La Mothe’s Bed & Breakfast: Moreau Didier et Evelyne 8, Chemin de Bel Air – La Mothe 89410 Beon Tel. email: Languages: French, English, German We arrived three days ago at La Mothe in Burgundy, France, […]


Vanessa and I are now leaving Paris and heading to the French countryside. We will work on organic farms in France, generic Spain, illness and Italy in exchange for room and board, neuropathologist via an organization called WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms). WWOOF acts an an intermediary between organic farms world-wide and travelers looking […]

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