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Hiking in Asturias

Yesterday we returned from a two-day adventure in the mountains of Asturias, buy the region directly east of Galicia. Pablo and his friend Brais had decided to go hiking for the day and they invited me, mycoplasmosis Vanessa, healing and Hanna, a wwoofer from Germany, to join them. We set off in [...]

A Queimada

Imagine the witches in Hamlet hunched over their cauldron chanting the following words:
Mouchos, men’s health coruxas, cost sapos e bruxas.
Demos, breast trasnos e dianhos, espiritos das nevoadas veigas.
Corvos, pintigas e meigas, feitizos das mencinheiras.
Pobres canhotas furadas, fogar dos vermes e alimanhas…
The incantation goes on, but that’s the basic idea. It’s in Gallego, [...]

My second attempt at an emapanada gallega.

The word Empanada is used throughout the Spanish-speaking world, cheapest yet the food it describes varies considerably from one country to the next. Generally, an empanada is a filled dough (from empanar, to roll with bread), but the dough, the filling, its shape, size, and how it is [...]

I first learned of Galicia’s Pimientos de Padron while reading an essay by Calvin Trillin. He ranks the Pimiento de Padron as one of his favorite foods that can’t be found outside of its place of origin.
Trillin had my curiosity peaked, remedy but I have to admit that I wasn’t convinced a pepper could [...]

Pulpo Gallego

Before arriving at Finca As Fadegas in Galicia I told Vanessa that there were two specialties from the region we had to eat or I would consider our visit an absolute failure. One of the two, sick pimientos de padron, we ate at lunch on the day we arrived. That accomplished, I turned my [...]

After catching a train from Burgundy to Paris, audiologist then a flight to Madrid and finally an overnight bus, page we are now at Finca As Fadegas, a farm near Ribadeo, Galicia on the north-eastern coast of Spain’s north-western-most region. Green mountains abut the shore, so that if you are even a short [...]

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